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        November 27, 2017

        Carriage Free Thursdays

        Carriage Free Thursdays

        We are really excited to tell you that we have now activated :

                            Carriage Free Thursdays!


        All you need to do is place your order before 12 noon on a Thursday and you won’t pay anything for a 24 delivery service. It’s as simple as that.



        This fantastic offer is available on all CDA Ltd product warehoused in the UK. Carriage will be free, regardless of the number of units you order. One unit comprises of:





        -       1 x pair of Zamberlan Boots

        -       1 x pack of 3 x Darn Tough socks

        -       1 x display pack of High 5

        -       1 x pack of 5 x Snugbug Hats


        To qualify for free carriage, you will need to order via our B2B website www.zhengxian33.icu before 12 noon on any given Thursday.  


        *Please note that any orders placed after 12 noon on a Thursday will not qualify for “Carriage Free Thursdays”, nor will telephone or email orders.*


        We wanted to do something a bit different and really hope you get behind our new initiative and benefit from free delivery for all your future orders.

        Thank you for your support from all the CDA Team.